3 Music Teacher Secrets

We music teachers have usually been involved in music from a young age, and have learned a lot about music education, from both a student perspective and a teacher perspective. Here are three of our most important music teacher secrets!

#1. We can tell when you haven’t practiced:

This is probably the worst kept ‘music teacher secret’, but it’s true – we can tell when you haven’t practiced, or even if you haven’t practiced very much in the week. It’s very obvious, and no amount of good acting can cover-up the fact that you haven’t practiced.

We get it. Sometimes things come up – we lead very busy lives. So just tell us if you haven’t practiced, because we’ll know either way!

#2. We know scales are boring:

Since we were once students of music just like you, we are intimately familiar with just how boring scales, and other technical exercises can be.

Obviously no one takes music lessons to learn scales – we all want to play pieces! Still, scales and technique exercises exist for a reason. Ultimately, they’re what allow us to build a foundation of good musical knowledge.

And if you’re interested in learning improvisation or composing your own music, knowing the technical aspects of music is essential!

#3. Performing is scary for us too:

Performing in front of other people is still scary for us. And also exciting. Being nervous for a performance is not a negative at all. In fact, it’s a good indication that doing well in that performance is important to you.

Managing those nerves is something that only experience can teach you. So the more you perform, and face your performance fears, the better you will become at handling your nerves.
But rest assured, we music teachers still get nervous!

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