Academic Program – Voice Lessons

Students in the Academic Program will have extended private one-on-one music lessons each week. In addition, students will have unlimited access to all supplemental classes in the school, which will enhance the learning taking place in the private lessons. These supplemental classes are important for the full growth and music education of each student. RCM theoretical co-requisite courses will also be included as supplemental classes we offer. Students will also be invited to participate in unlimited masterclasses throughout the year to improve student performance and technique. Students of the academy may meet with the Coordinator of their program to set out goals, examination expectations, and address any questions or concerns regarding their music education.

As well, students will have extra lessons and mock exams prior to examinations and competitions to better prepare them for a successful experience. Teachers in the Academic Program will have superior academic training in their respective instruments to ensure the maximum quality of lessons taking place in the academic program. To foster a successful learning environment students are expected to practice regularly and participate in a minimum of one recital and one festival per year. Students will have the option to enroll in the Half or Full Academic Program. The half program consists of private lessons only once a week while the full program engages students in private lessons twice a week. Both the half and full program have unlimited access to all supplemental classes.

Examination preparation for Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada is available at all grade levels from our experienced teachers. Preparation for University entrance auditions and University course help are also available. Students taking lessons from Harmony Music School have ranked within the top 5% of students across Canada based on the Royal Conservatory practical examinations. In addition, theory students have achieved first class honours with distinction on examinations with many successful students who have even obtained 100% as their theory mark. Many of our students have placed 1st and 2nd in the Kiwanis Festival and received scholarships from the RCM Alumni.

Unlimited Supplemental Classes Include:

Choir, Beginner Theory, Ear Training, Musicianship, Composition, Song Writing, Improvisation, Music Creativity, Music Listening/Appreciation, Piano Ensemble, Junior Violin Ensemble, Adult Violin Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Adult Voice Ensemble, Mixed Ensemble

New or transferring students from outside the school will be assessed by one of the Coordinators at the school prior to being accepted into the program.

Voice Lessons in the Academic Program

Individual instruction for the beginning or more advanced student, with focus on the fundamentals of vocal technique. Lessons will cover breathing and breath management, freedom or production, registration, resonance, diction and artistic interpretation.  Students are encouraged to join a vocal ensemble where the focus of the class is for students to achieve breath control and production of a pleasant and consistent tone without stress on the vocal folds. In class students will learn to sing parts in rounds and canons, diction, sight-singing and ear-training.