5 Different Types of Music Lessons

5 Different Types of Music Lessons Harmony Music School Calgary

At Harmony Music School, we are pleased to offer many different ways for you to experience your musical education. We know that education is not a one-stop solution, so we are invested in helping you make the most of your learning experience. Here are the 5 different types of music lessons we have to offer!

#1. Individual Lessons:

This is the most common type of music lesson, and the one that is best known. Lessons involve one-on-one instruction with a teacher who is an expert in the chosen instrument. Individual lessons usually involve instructions in technique, as well as rudimentary theory, and application of technical knowledge to repertoire.

#2. Group Classes:

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of classes that you can take with other students, such as choir, group theory, chamber ensembles, and adult guitar group! These classes are a great opportunity to enhance your musical education, by learning to make music with other people, as well as to learn with and from your peers!

#3. Early Childhood Education:

These programs are intended for our youngest musicians! They are an excellent way to get a head-start on music education. Research has demonstrated that learning music from a young age can greatly enhance cognitive development, and good social skills. Our Baby & Tot classes are parented, and are an excellent way for parents to bond with their little ones through a shared enjoyment of music.

#4. Simultaneous lessons:

We are pleased to be able to offer simultaneous lesson at Harmony Music School. If you have several children taking lessons, they can learn at the same time with two different teachers. Or if you are interested in learning while your child is in a group class, such as ECE or choir, you could take individual lessons at the same time.

#5. Tandem lessons:

Lessons offered in tandem are a great way to bond with someone else, if you’re feeling nervous about taking lessons by yourself, or looking for an activity to enjoy with someone else, this type of music lesson might be a perfect for you!


5 Different Types of Music Lessons Harmony Music SchoolFind out more about taking lessons at Harmony Music School here. We accept students on an on-going basis throughout the year!

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