5 Habits Performers Should Cultivate

5 Habits Performers Should Cultivate Harmony Music School

As we approach our Winter Recitals it’s time to start thinking like a performer! Here are 5 Habits performers should work to cultivate:

#1. Preparation:

Being well prepared for a performance is one of the most basic expectations an audience will have. This means knowing all of the notes and rhythms of your piece, as well as more subtle aspects of performance such as artistic interpretation, and collaboration in ensembles and with an accompanist. Good performers are ready for anything to happen during a recital!

#2. Rest:

Being well-rested is an excellent habit to begin cultivating now. Being well-rested means getting enough sleep for a few nights before your performance, but it also means having a rested mind, and a good balance of activity and mindfulness on the day of performance.

#3. Nourishment:

Eating well, and staying hydrated are essential performance habits. This means not only making sure you’ve had enough to eat and drink, but making sure you’re consuming healthy food that will give you the energy you need to invest emotionally and intellectually in your performance. Singers in particular need to cultivate this habit, since their body is their instrument.

#4. Contribution:

Remembering who you are performing for is an important habit to cultivate. When we give performances as we learn music, it’s often for the people who know and love us; our family and friends. It is important to remember that performing for them is a way of sharing your love of music with them, as well as thanking them for their continued support!

#5. Enjoyment:

Enjoying performance is a great skill to cultivate early! It’s okay to also be nervous, most performers think of nerves as a good thing – it means the performance is important to you! But it’s also important to celebrate your success – even if your performance didn’t go the way you had hoped. Just getting up on stage in front of an audience is an impressive feat – celebrate that!


You can find more information about our upcoming recital here. We look forward to seeing out student’s perform this coming weekend!

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