5 Misconceptions About Music Lessons

There are many people who would love to take music lessons, and there are also several misconceptions that deter people from not acting on that desire to learn music. Here are 5 misconceptions about music lessons:

#1. Big Time Commitment:

Music is a time commitment, but it certainly doesn’t have to take over your life. The secret here is to make your practice regular. Most beginning students are encouraged to practice 15-30 minutes a day.

For most people, this is eminently acheivable, so if the time commitment has been holding you back, have no fear!

#2. It’s For Children:

While many people certainly start music lessons at a young age, some people simply never had the chance. At Harmony Music School we are delighted to have many adult students starting lessons for the first time, in a variety of instruments.

Learning music as an adult can be beneficial in a number of ways. You can read more about the advantages of learning as an adult here.

#3. It’s Hard:

This is less a misconception, and more an idea that requires a shift in perspective. As with any type of learning, music can be difficult, and since it’s such an expansive field of study, it can seem overwhelming.

But our teachers are experienced in breaking down large, difficult concepts into much smaller, more manageable lessons. You will feel successful in no time!

#4. It’s Expensive:

Music lessons do cost money, but it’s helpful to think of those music lessons as an investment. You’re not just paying for the lesson, you’re paying for the myriad of benefits that come with the lesson. Learning self-discipline, mastering technical skills, developing artistry, are all important and integral aspects of learning to play music.

Not to mention the many studies and extensive research demonstrating the lasting health benefits of studying music.

#5. It will fix everything:

While there is a lot of research out there about the many health benefits of music education, it can be a common misconception that music lessons are a ‘cure-all’. As with anything, you get out of your music lessons what you put into them, so ultimately, the benefits that you derive from your music lessons, are entirely up to you.

If you’ve been uncertain about taking music lessons, now is an excellent time to sign up! We register students on an on-going basis throughout the year! Learn more here.

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