The HMS Team

Harmony Music School is proud to have a family of staff and teachers who love music and love teaching even more! Our Admin team and Program Coordinators are dedicated to providing Harmony Music School students the best possible musical education.  Our instructors have formal Royal Conservatory of Music training and/or post-secondary education in music. Many of our teachers are world renowned musicians, composers and performers. Our teachers have many years of experience with children and adults. Teachers are required to complete further training in teaching techniques (pedagogy) and are expected to continue their training while teaching at our school.

Teachers at Harmony Music School have an understanding of the pedagogical principles that underlie teaching music to all types of students. Our teachers are compassionate and are sensitive to the needs of all students and above all, they maintain high expectations so the focus is on achievement for each individual and they can motivate their students to meet the goals set out for them.

Admin Team

Music Teachers