The Benefits of Music Festivals

The Benefits of Music Festivals Harmony Music School

We are very excited to be approaching Harmony Music School’s annual Festival, Saturday March 3rd to Sunday March 4th! Here are several benefits music students receive from participating in music festivals:

#1. Performance opportunities:

Performance provides valuable enhancement to our musical education. It changes the way in which we play; adding an extra element of difficulty to our playing. Performance also teaches us how to emote, and communicate musically with other people. Musical festivals allows us to perform in front of an audience of our peers; students who are at or near the same level of musical education. Performing in front of people who understand what we are trying to accomplish, in a smaller, supportive venue, takes some of the pressures of performance off.

#2. Different feedback:

When we take individual lessons, the feedback we receive is largely from one person – our teacher. Participating in music festivals, which are designed to be adjudicated by people with diverse musical knowledge, gives us a different kind of feedback.

Receiving feedback from other professionals, with different musical expertise is so valuable in creating well-rounded musicians. As well, since we are performing in front of a group of our peers, we are able to receive feedback from people who understand where we are musically, and can offer insights from their own experience.

#3. Engagement with peers:

Participation in music festivals allows students to encounter other students who are at, or around the same level of musical achievement. This means that students can see and hear other musicians, and begin to learn not only from their teachers, but from their peers.
Listening while others perform, also enables students to begin enjoying the musicality and technicality of other students, instead of being solely focused on their own performance.

Harmony Music Festival begins this coming weekend – from Saturday March 3rd, until Sunday March 4th! We hope to see you there!

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