Mr. Darrin – Piano Teacher

Mr. Darrin - Piano Teacher

Mr. Darrin Hogue is a born and raised Calgarian whom has been serving his city as a piano educator. His unique educational upbringing has equipped him to learn and utilize a vast array of learning techniques which have helped him to customize his lesson plans to every students; individual learning goals and needs. In his time as an educator Mr. Darrin has employed these techniques to foster the musical growth and development of students of very diverse learning needs and abilities, keeping lessons very light-hearted, engaging and motivating. Mr. Darrin believes in having a well-rounded musical education, and does his best to equip and support all of his students with the knowledge and tools needed to engage in a large variety of styles and musical settings as they grow into successful musicians in the current and future musical landscape of the world.

Mr. Darrin studied under the wise and invaluable mentorship of Judith Elliott from early childhood until early adulthood, completing up to Grade 10 from the Royal Conservatory of Music under her direction. He then continued his music and pedagogy education at the University of Calgary and earned his BMus in 2008 and his BEd in 2011, studying Early Childhood Pedagogy with Dr. Jerry Kerlin and piano under the direction of Charles Foreman. Mr. Darrin had the opportunity to have training in both the Kodaly methodology under the supervision of Susan Drayson at Mount Royal Conservatory, and training in the Orff methodology under the supervision of Sue Harvey at Sunalta Elementary School during his time at the University, along with various other practicum experiences at the Elementary school level from grade 3 to grade 6. Outside of teaching, Mr. Darrin is heavily invested with the worship team at Home Church in Calgary, where he plays lead and secondary keyboard. Mr. Darrin is also a big fitness proponent, and is dedicated to weight training at the World Health Club in Edgemont five days a week. He also loves to mountain bike, play golf, and swim.

Outside of Music and sports, Mr. Darrin enjoys balancing this active life style with some video gaming, movies and love of Anime, which he often brings elements of into his own musical development.