Guitar Lessons

The main goal of the guitar program at Harmony Music School is to provide the student with a well-rounded music program for classical and modern guitar, which will aim towards reaching the student’s full potential. Students’s musicianship and technique skills will flourish within an exploration of a wide repertoire, in either classical or modern studies. Theory is an integral part of this holistic approach in music education, and always results in a better understanding of every musical aspect, and a deeper appreciation of music, in general. Guitar lessons can be taught in both a private or group setting. Whether for enjoyment or as an academic study, our programs will ensure that you build a strong foundation in music. We are extremely proud to foster an environment where our students receive awards and even the Royal Conservatory of Music GOLD MEDAL. Gold Medals are awarded each academic year to the student obtaining the highest mark on their examination in each province.

Classical Guitar – Learning Classical Guitar can take you down the path to mastering solo-guitar, giving you the appreciation for more intricate harmonic relationships and the creation of multiple, simultaneous voices. Most acoustic guitar players use a block chords approach in their chord playing, and use such techniques for arpeggios and polyphonic playing. Learning classical can teach sophisticated ways to control sequences of left hand fingerings in various pattern. The end result, although appearing more attention consuming, allows for much less load on your left hand resulting in much greater efficiency, lower muscular fatigue, less tension, and better performance. These students can later go on to take Royal Conservatory Examinations. Lessons are available for all levels up to Grade 10 and ARCT. For more information on our Classical Guitar Program click here.

Modern Guitar – Acoustic/Electric/Bass – Our guitar teachers are able to cater to the specific genre of music that the student is interested in. Whether you want to play the latest tune on the radio or work on your repertoire for a post secondary audition, our guitar teachers are professional and can help you achieve your goals!

Guitar Ensemble – This supplemental course is offered to guitar students who wish to enhance their learning in a group setting. Learn to play with your peers, improvise off of one another, and inspire each other to be creative.