How To Celebrate With Music

How To Celebrate With Music Harmony Music School

As we approach the holiday season, it’s a good time to reflect on three ways in which music can help us to celebrate these important seasons in our lives:

#1. Community:

Music is all about bringing many people together, and celebrating something important in community. Holidays, and seasons of celebration are an excellent time to engage our community, and music is a wonderful medium through which to do that. Much of our holiday music is intended to be played together, so that multiple people can engage in this kind of celebration with the people they love.

#2. Communication:

We’ve discussed before how music is an excellent medium by which to communicate our humanity and emotions beyond language. Much of our holiday music is designed to be a shared expression of that celebration, through song, and community. The music is written to evoke the emotion and affect of the holiday – and both the text and the melody, harmony and rhythm cooperate to convey the meaning of the holidays!

#3. Interpretation:

Music is uniquely able to assist us in our celebrations, and what makes music such a valuable part of celebrations is our ability to interpret multiple meanings from the same music, because of our unique perspectives. Holidays, and seasons of celebrations mean different things to different people, and they mean different things to us as we move through different periods in our own lives. The ability to interpret, and derive different meanings from music enhances our ability to celebrate the season with music.

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