The Importance of Curiosity In Music Lessons

The Importance of Curiosity In Music Lessons Harmony Music School Calgary

Music is such an interesting, and complex subject that there are many different avenues, and instruments within the field to explore. Following your own curiosity in learning more about music has many benefits:

#1. Self-Motivation:

There is plenty of research that demonstrates that the more interest you have in a subject, the easier it is to learn within that field of study.
People who feel engaged in their own learning, and motivated by curiosity, learn faster, retain more information, and have a better ability to grasp new concepts, and to forge connections between disparate concepts.

#2. Expand Your Musical Horizons:

Following what makes you curious about music, is a fantastic way to expand your own musical horizons.
Since there are centuries of music to explore, and a multitude of different cultural music, languages, and styles to learn, the possibilities are endless!
Harmony Music School offers a variety of supplementary music classes to enhance learning, and help you follow your own intellectual curiosity on your musical journey!

#3. Retention:

Music can be difficult to learn because there are so many different elements to music. Allowing your own curiosity to enhance your interaction with music, is a fantastic aid to remembering what you’ve learned.
Whether it’s interesting repertoire, or the physics and biology of playing a new instrument, improvisational and compositional interests; being curious about music will help you to remember more concepts, repertoire, and improve your musical muscle memory!

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