NEW! An intermediate and advanced chamber music program IN THE NORTH WEST for String Players and Pianists! – North Calgary Strings Academy

North Calgary Strings Academy

OUR CHAMBER PROGRAMS – Ask a string player what is the best part of playing an instrument; some will say that music gratifies their emotional needs. Others will say its the challenge of playing famous music through the centuries with expertise which justifies the composer’s work.

But most experienced players will say that the best part of playing a string instrument is chamber music because it is TEAM WORK!

Creating a string ensemble requires sensitivity, humility and fellowship. By means of a common vision, the team players compromise minor details within their perspective and then execute individual parts to create an exciting performance which is satisfying to players, composer and listeners. This is certainly the definition of ‘product is more than sum of it’s parts’!

In addition we offer:
– North West and Central location
– No masterclass or theory component required
– Coaches have 15 plus years of experience Internationally
– Smaller orchestra means higher teacher to student ratio
– Performance opportunities