Theory Lessons

Group Theory Classes for Beginners are extremely beneficial in your development as a musician, and available for ages 7-10. The topics covered in these classes will increase your musical skills in sight reading, transposition, improvisation, composition, and in performance. By understanding the theory behind the music you will achieve greater results in learning, interpretation and performance on your instrument. Private and group theory lessons are provided for students as enhancement classes to give students a solid foundation to their musical learning. For young students in their early music learning stage, beginner theory classes are definitely a must.

RCM Theory Exam Prep classes are available in all levels. Classes can be taught privately, or in groups of 2-4. Courses include:

  • Basic Rudiments
  • Intermediate Rudiments
  • Advanced Rudiments
  • Basic Harmony
  • Intermediate Harmony
  • Advanced Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Analysis
  • History 1: An Overview
  • History 2: Middle Ages to Classical
  • History 3: 19th Century to Present