Ms. Lori – Guitar, Improvisation & Theory Teacher

Ms. Lori - Guitar, Improvisation & Theory Teacher

Ms Lori Anderson received her music degree in Classical guitar from the Royal Superior Conservatory of Seville in Andalucía, Spain. Her formal studies also include The University of Santa Barbara, California and the University of Calgary.

Over the past 17 years as a teacher in the Spanish Andalusian Conservatories she has taught not only Classical and Flamenco guitar, but solfege, theory, chamber music and choir. During this time she has inspired a great number of students to become professional guitar teachers and performers. Her students have consistently received the highest scores in the required exams which qualified them to enter into higher levels of training.

Ms Lori is exceptionally capable of adapting her teaching to meet the learning styles and preferences of her students. As a singer, her vocal command of jazz and blues and her professional collaborations and recordings with significant artists in these fields have also given Ms Lori a deep grounding and broad base of knowledge that has enriched the conservatories where she has been employed.

In addition to music she has worked as an environmental volunteer to preserve wildlife in programs that have involved banding shorebirds, flamingos, controlling the endangered chameleon population and reintroducing the osprey into the Iberian Peninsula. Her love for astronomy led her to co-found and co-host the podcast “Gazpacho Galactico”.