Making Music For Personal Wellness

Making Music For Personal Wellness Harmony Music School Calgary

There has been a lot of research conducted into how music affects both mental and physical well-being. Much of that research has focused on the cognitive benefits, but there is also a significant benefit to personal wellbeing. Here are three ways in which making music can contribute to personal wellness:

#1. Social wellbeing:

Although it can sometimes seem like a solo pursuit if you’re taking individual lessons, there are plenty of opportunities available for socialization in music. Whether it’s chatting with someone as you wait for your lessons to being, or taking part in a group class, music is ultimately about communication and connection.

We have also found that our group classes enhance the musical education process by providing a sense of community, as well as an opportunity to learn from peers as well as from the music teacher.

#2. Mindfulness:

Playing an instrument can be an act of mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware of both your body and your surroundings in the present moment. This can be difficult in our busy lives, as we often project ourselves into the past, by remembering events that have already happened, or into the future, by imagining events upcoming.

There is a great deal of research to show that engage in mindfulness is an excellent way to relax and calm your mind. Playing an instrument allows us to remain in that present moment, and to take careful note of how our bodies manipulate the instrument, and how the sound from that instrument interacts with its environment.

#3. Preventative:

Taking music lessons is one of the best ways to keep your mind active. Whether it’s through the social aspects of music, or the technical requirements to actually play an instrument, or the mental stimulus to learn how to read music, this type of music education can have a myriad of benefits in preventing age-related illnesses.

Starting music at a young age too, has amazing cognitive benefits. It enhances children’s learning, particularly in language development, and reasoning skills. Most impressively, these benefits have been demonstrated to last long after students stop taking music lessons!


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