Organization In Music Lessons

Organization in Music Lessons Harmony Music School

Part of being a music student is learning how to organize yourself and your music so that you have the best chance for learning success. Here are three tips to help you improve your organization in music lessons:

#1. Organize your time:

Learning to play an instrument is all about time management. Music requires daily practice, as well as lessons, and their are often other supplemental learning opportunities like group classes, masterclasses, festivals, and recitals etc…
Fitting all of this in can feel like an impossible task, so it’s important to prioritize. Choose which of these activities is most important to you, at your current level, and then make sure that most of your time goes to those activities.

#2. Organize your music:

Find an organizational system that helps you to organize your music. Most students have a dedicated bag for their music – this includes supplies they know they’ll need every lesson – their music books, manuscript paper, and a pencil.

Certain instruments require additional supplies. Voice students need a water bottle, violin students need rosin, etc… Make sure you always have everything you need at your lessons, and available for your practice sessions.

#3. Organize your practice:

Your actual practice sessions should be organized too. Most students start practice sessions with a warm-up, particularly wind instruments like voice, flute, or clarinet, before moving into technique exercises, and then into repertoire. How your practice sessions are organized will likely depend on the time you have available to practice.

Speak to your teacher about what your practice sessions should look like. They’ll have tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your sessions, as well as ideas to change up your practice routine so you don’t get stuck in a practice rut.


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