How To Prepare Well For A Performance

How to Prepare Well For A Performance Harmony Music School

As we discussed in this post, performing is an important aspect of learning how to play an instrument. Here are three tips to help you prepare well for a performance:

#1. Practice:

Being well prepared for a recital is more than just learning the notes and the rhythms. Every aspect of a performance, from showing up on time, ensuring your instrument is properly tuned and in good working order, walking onstage, performing, and even bowing, should all be well-rehearsed. Practicing how you wish to perform during the recital is essential for feeling in-control of the performance on recital day!

#2. Mindfulness:

Staying ‘in-the-moment’ is key for a successful performance, and it is why practice is so essential. If you are too focused on which notes and rhythms come next, then you are likely to trip yourself up; thinking too far ahead, or lingering on small errors in the past. Staying in the present allows your audience to feel the energy you create, and communicate, and that is what good performance is all about!

#3. Enjoyment:

Everyone who performs can be struck with nervousness, even seasoned professionals. Nerves are how we can tell that something is important to us. Still, it is important to remind ourselves why we’re performing. Ultimately, focusing on the fact that we love music, we love playing our instrument, and sharing that with others, can help us to override any nerves or stage-fright. The audience always loves passion, and they can feel a performer’s enjoyment come through in a performance.


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