HMS Festival

Important Updates

  • Festival registration is now CLOSED.
  • The location of the 2019 Festival will be held at The Village on Saturday, March 2 and at HMS Central Campus on Sunday, March 3.

General Information

Harmony Music School is excited to offer the fourth annual Harmony Music Festival! The Festival is designed to Nurture, Inspire, Celebrate and Encourage music students in Calgary. The vision of the Festival is to engage both emerging musicians, as well as music students of all levels. The repertoire includes genres of music from a wide range of composers, and suggestions from the participants. This year, Festival classes are offered for Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, and Voice students in Calgary. Through goal setting, dedicated work, and commitment, students are positively changed in a way that enriches them for the rest of their lives. Certificates along with written and verbal feedback will be given to all participants.

If you wish to participate in the festival please speak with your teacher.  They will have access to the Festival Syllabus containing rules and regulations for each class.  Be sure to read the following FAQs and register online before February 14, 2019.  Please note that students are responsible for their own festival registration. Class space is limited.  No exceptions can be made once a class is full.

Festival Class Times & Fees

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Location: The Village (4039 Brentwood Rd NW)

3:00-4:00pm Class #P110: Piano – Ages 10 Years and Under Fee: $20
4:00-5:00pm Class #P110: Piano – Ages 10 Years and Under Fee: $20
5:00-6:00pm Class #P110: Piano – Ages 10 Years and Under Fee: $20
6:00-7:00pm Class #P1118: Piano – Ages 11 to 18 Years Fee: $20
Sunday, March 3, 2019

Location: Harmony Music School – Central Campus (2614 – 4th Street NW)

1:00-2:00pm Class #V118: Voice – Ages 18 Years and Under Fee: $20
2:00-3:00pm Class #S118: Strings – Ages 18 Years and Under Fee: $20
3:00-4:00pm Class #G110: Guitar & Ukulele – Ages 10 Years and Under Fee: $20
4:00-5:00pm Class #G1118: Guitar & Ukulele – Ages 11 to 18 Years Fee: $20
5:00-6:00pm Class #A1999: Adults – OPEN (all instruments) Fee: $20


WHERE will the Festival be held?

The Festival will be held at the Village (4039 Brentwood Road NW) for all classes on Saturday, March 2nd.  All classes held on Sunday, March 3rd will be at our Central Campus (2614-4 Street NW).

WHO should be involved?

All Harmony Students are eligible to participate.

WHAT is this event all about?

A festival is a public event designed to inspire students to achieve a high performance level on a specific piece.  A goal such as this, helps students concentrate more during practice sessions as they prepare, fosters a feeling of joy that they give those who hear them and instills a sense of pride so important for each and every child.

WHEN is the festival?

The HMS Festival will take place on Saturday, March 2 & Sunday, March 3.  Your class day and time is listed under ‘Festival Times & Fees’

WHY should we participate?

The HMS Festival is a positive way to set a goal for your child and is an opportunity for them to prepare a single selection to a high performance level and perform this piece with and for their peers at Harmony.  They will meet and hear other students, their own age who study their instrument.  They will be Inspired!

HOW do I sign up?

Your teacher will speak to you about your child’s participation.  Registration is currently open online and will close on February 14.  Please see the ‘Registration’ section for instructions on how to register online.

HOW do I prepare my child for the festival?

We want every student to have a successful festival experience. Prior to registering, parents should sit down with their child to discuss whether the child is ready to perform a memorized piece. We ask that all students who are registered for the festival practice regularly at home each week and attend lessons regularly leading up to the festival.

Do I need accompaniment?

Accompaniment for the festival is optional.  Please speak with the front desk if you would like an accompanist for your performance.  Accompaniment fees will apply:

  • For HMS students a fee of $15 will be charged for instruments requiring accompaniment. This will include one 15 minute rehearsal and the accompaniment on the day of the festival
  • If you are a student outside of HMS and require an accompanist, our accompaniment fee for non-HMS students is $20/15 minutes. This will include one 15 minute rehearsal with your accompanist and the accompaniment on festival day

WHAT can I expect on the day of the festival?

When you arrive, please give your copy of music to the secretary.  It is helpful if the page is bookmarked. Proper concert etiquette is expected.