The Benefits of Accompaniment

The Benefits of Accompaniment Harmony Music School

As recital season approaches, it’s a great time to discuss the benefits of accompaniment. The accompaniment can be any instrument that plays along with another instrument, but is most commonly piano. For many instruments, such as voice, accompaniment is a basic expectation of performance. Accompaniment is an essential aspect of performance, and an excellent skill to cultivate:

#1. Partnership:

The relationship between an accompanist and a performer is an important one. For many solo performers, it can be incredibly comforting to have another presence on stage. The more you work with an accompanist the more that relationship can assist in your musicianship, through increased confidence, emotive aspects of performance, and sensitivity to musical interpretation.

#2. Responsiveness:

Accompaniment is so valuable to a performer because it happens in real time. If an accompanist hears a mistake, they can help the performer to correct as it happens, by reinforcing the melody, playing the bass to assist with intonation, or highlighting key rhythmic passages. This ability for the accompanist to respond in real time, also enhances the musicality of the performance, since both accompanist and performer can respond to the other’s artistic performance together.

#3. Atmosphere:

Accompaniment helps to set the tone and the character of the piece. Most accompanied pieces have a short introduction, that helps to establish the ambiance the performers will create together. This can be very important in establishing the mood the performer wishes to create, to help them convey the emotional characteristic of the music. An skilled accompanist can set the atmosphere quickly, establishing a successful performance within the first few bars!


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