The Importance of Performance

The Importance of Performance Harmony Music School

Although performing in front of an audience is not the only way in which to enjoy music, performing offers a new aspect to the learning process. It instills a different set of conditions on a student, and helps them to challenge themselves. Here are three reasons why performing is an important aspect of music education:

#1. Confidence:

Numerous studies have shown that confidence is not an inborn trait, inherent to a select few. Instead, confidence comes from challenging ourselves and succeeding in that challenge. By learning to trust ourselves, even when things are difficult, we can cultivate our own confidence.

Performance is an excellent way to do this, because it requires a great amount of courage, and vulnerability. Getting up in front of other people to perform means that a student must carry an extra weight of expectation on their playing. Learning to manage these expectations is an integral part of performance

#2. Preparation:

In order for a performance to be truly successful, students need to have not just prepared enough, they need to have over-prepared. Learning to play an instrument requires technical acumen and physical proficiency in playing, as well as a true grasp of the rhythm and notes. But that is the most basic expectation of a performance.

Because performance brings added emotional stress, performers must learn how to manage this stress, and even use it to enhance their performance. Grace under pressure is a key attribute for a performer, and is a very important life skill.

#3. Communication:

The true joy of music is sharing it with other people. Performing allows us to do this in an exciting manner. True performance is when a student can make the audience feel the emotion, or communicate the message of the piece.

This type of artistic expression is so important because it forms a key component of the human condition; the ability to share emotions and communicate ideas with a large group of people through music!


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